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‘Glorification of You’ and other poems

By Ujjal Mandal

Glorification of You

When I close my weary eyes,
you come putting an anklet on legs
before me like the tune of cuckoo,
a strand of red roses tied to your lock
of hair behind swings around
as if the sailing clouds dancing
looking at me,
but when I keep my eyes open
you go beyond my vision,
Oh, I hardly can say whether it is a dream
that tempts me to dive into
unheard melodies or today is my
wedding day you are standing
in front of me,
if it is just a dream
I must refuse to face the reality
but if I am dreaming
so why you come and go?

Be the Heart Heavy with Emotions!

Silence is so peaceful and tranquil
like the air at the top of the hill;
you can have the complacency of life
if you cut the head of arguments with a knife;
emotion is there
where the heart is free and without fear;
if the mild petal is the heart of a flower,
controversy is a huge body except power;

be the clouds in the open air
and feel the gifted life in each hour,
be the flowers heavy with nectar
and welcome the bees in summer even winter,
be the song of a nightingale
and let your burden heart sail.

LOVE, My Muse!

Sometimes I feel
I am alone,
None is there.
And when I look at
The blooming lotus,
I feel I am among the thousand
Of happiness and
I am sparkled with
Merriment and joy.
This lotus is my LOVE:
My Muse!
With limbs worn and weary
With endeavours unfruitful
And sterile,
A bud perished before
By hunger the skeleton
Mirrored her beauty
But still she is smiling
To be laden with
A packet of new dreams:
The dream of blossom:
The dream of being happy.

Philosophy of Love & Life

Life is a battleground
Armed with simile and metaphor,
A lizard is equipped with long tail,
Thorny skin and movable eyelids;
A tiger draws the paintings
With blood and the brush is its claws; an inferno
Of flowers with drops of blood everywhere
And an eerie red glow in the sky;
The bell of tired arms ringing,
Shivering and fading away;
A forlorn boat decked with stones
Of pains and aches in the dark sea go sailing by;
A bullet makes a way into love and
Poison develops through the vein of innocuous self;
A neem leaf tastes bitter
And someone throws it away
But forgets to show kindness
To the leaf which makes him remind
Of sweetness of LOVE & LIFE.

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