Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Darren Lynch

A Way

Sit to the voice ,
Silent gaze

The hauling land of hounds
Prowling entrance
Repetition , Repetition , Repetition

Held in confident frowns
The grips of attracted veterans
Polished in reward
On entrance
Of fading prime ways ,

Celebate oh the union ,
Of wandering sight
Glancing rich to propose
In stations saying
Of walls and streets
The avenues of sole history give stare
As if to emerge
The sudden amazement
Of frothing grace
The kind sleeved promises
Of movement in the streets ,

To meet again
In the fury it sits ,

Should beauties of concentration
Dance effortless
To blossom
In favour to those peculiar
To a surface of silver and white
As fallen to wealth in a caress of drunken charades ,

For who should return
To hold rogue beauty
The rest of walking bedlam
To settle along the grades ,

For how to remember
Distinctive reflections
But with poor innocence
Taken to the promise
Of a touched way.

A Ballad In Dayfall

Affluent and brittle
From the ballad of dayfall
He begged to hours of the night

The lurking grips
Of slow entry
Thrusted to the walls

The flowing deviant tongues
Encapsulate exposure
Of the faithful being ,

Gambol sounds
Erected invisions
Panting eerie
Oh to the entity wavers
How shall thy rest

Will thy name whisper gaiety
Or the fleeting odium of digress.

The Green Settlement

Guns of the planning drunk ,

Dictate the earnings
Of stance ,

The village in preparation
Forgets sleep ,

In midnight crackles
To the riding planes ,

All together ye
Who listened to the making eve ,

The births of history
Resurrect the primal speech ,

Of tongues marching
Are the needs
Of expecting scents
In the prowl of solely wed ,

Indigenous structures is the faithful supper

Of blood to the leaf.

The First

The colophon of sleep ,
Was absorbed wisdom
In the prayer
That trailed sinless
In the search for a belief ,

Upon the window

Pictures circled notions
Conversing evictions
Of what to leave ,

Racing laughter ,
Silence ,

On the creed of awakening

Jewels of alliance
Dwindle on the centre
From thwarted compliance
To youth of golden red ,

Free now
The words
That dance along the unfastened head.


To be witness
With the crimson fires
That brought the wind

As he came to the land

He trailed the empires
From the silence
Of her eyes
And there left forlorn

Was man.

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