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‘Gaza, Maritime City of Palestine’ and other poems

By: Daniel de Culla


There is no more blood in Gaza hospitals
Because all the blood has reached the sea.
There are no more sick people
Not even health personnel
Because some, health personnel
Has tried to escape
Only managing to suck his thumb.
The others, the sick
Have died by the grace of Death
Eternal companion of their lives
Without being able to reach the border on time
Or arriving in Egypt out of time.
In life buried the living and the dead
Believing that they will never escape danger.
Let us hear their laments:
-We are souls in pain.
Nobody and nothing can help or help
To the living and the dead.
Night has fallen over Gaza.
Western nations
Sitting in front of the television
Cheerful and very happy they say to each other:
-Now let’s see the news about Gaza
What do we think
According to our understanding
A terror movie.
The tunnels under the hospitals rumble.
They barely remove the dead
Whose souls march to the Gazofilacio
Place where alms were collected
Income and jewelry
From the temple of Jerusalem.


At the Dinos exhibition
The child, the children, my children
Want to reach Dimetrodon.
Although they know these no longer exist
Because they are prehistoric
One has taken a rod
Another has picked a flower.
-Dad, mom
I want to give it to Dimetrodon
To play with me
And I gave it to Dimetrodone
When they go out for a walk at night
And come to haunt them
The shooting stars
With the castanets
With the mortar
And the tambourine
That moon makes ring
The prettiest boy says.
They are leaving the tent
They are already leaving
More than four dinosaurs
Remainig crying.


I don’t cry out to any God
Because they are all cardboard
Or cloth lint. And I say:
How there will be destined subjects
To commit such horrible actions
Of wanting to murder
To an entire Palestinian people
Including men, women and children
Who have never done wrong
Because some awesome flies
Sometimes horrendous criminals
Flies called terrorists
Touch the balls
To the war lords and settlers
That, in a long procession
Of colonization, looting and robbery
Have shamelessly plundered
And humiliated the Palestinian people
Their colonists despising
A small iota of humanity
As demonstrated.
This war against Gaza
It’s just another party
Of Crime and Opprobrium
Against the innocent
That survive against history
Of inhumanity
That denies that to other peoples
We should have appreciation.
So we see, and time tells
How the world falsely called
“Civilized” with its Pope included
Instead of imposing yourself
And saying “Enough”
Encourages crime, deaths
And the colonizer takes revenge
Because Israel has the best weapons
And to the warlords
That like to tell stories a cappella
Of serial killers.


Palestine, the Holy Land
Or ancient Land of Canaan
Sad and heartbroken
Cries daily for the death of his children.
Of their massacred boys and girls
Because of the bombs and shrapnel.
The gods and demigods of the three religions
How badly they coexist with each other
Even though they say otherwise
They are silent like obscene people
Watching how it is distributed
The Death Cake
One God of them; the most armed.
Israel, what ardor uses, what effort.
Your God has married infamy
Of a warlord
Pestle, simpleton, oaf
With the mind of a serial killer
Who boasts, laughing, repeating:
-We have to finish them all
Embarrass them and defeat them
Hating a hypocritical and lying truce
Imposed by foreign voices
“Civilized” voices
Holy voices
Like the Vatican Pope
That don’t let us colonize its lands.


On that dentist’ day
Skeletor didn’t want
But his wife forced him
Much to her chagrin.
Spoiled had fallen
A tooth and a fang
Of his lower jaws
And higher.
How his mouth hurt
And the teeth ¡
He thought they were going to crucify him
Since his little black eyes
Moved in blood.
Only excited him and gave him life
See a “Mary”
Breastfeeding her child
And the boy didn’t want it.
-How stupid this child is, he said to himself.
He doesn’t know what he’s missing!
When he heard
The dentist with tongs
Was approaching him
You can’t imagine
What crying he did.
-Son of my heart
My garment
The dentist told him.
It’s not that big of a deal
Since teeth and fangs
What I bring you are gold
From an aunt of yours and mine.
When I insert your teeth
And the fangs
You will see how the cuckoos
Tell you “live, live”
”Long live your wisdom tooth
That it is still alive.”
He, as he could
Told the dentist:
-I don’t cry for the fangs and teeth
Not even for the pain you will cause me.
I cry for those who die
Night and day.
That Hell, where everyone goes
Is full
And Heaven, which does not exist
Is empty.

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