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By: Rehanul Hoque

Dedicated to Taslima Akter Rima

Unruly clouds wading through the vast though rendered thrill
To a distant heart, were enough to cut an insane darkness into pieces
Falling sharp over a city, followed by
Very aggressive flame spurted out on a sudden
As if this is, a tongue made to devour, in consequence,
Pompeii rasped off the Pompeii- lurking around
Your freaky eyes, to me, the evergreen Vesuvius

The eyes poured forth an unsteady sunshine-
Grape vine and olive groves bathed in a period
For lunch; brisk seaport, concrete roads, harmless pet,
Sick chap and wooing couple
All left dumb-founded

Is this winning the battle of life over another life
Or something else?
Candid admission-
This is the votary, lost to your freaky eyes.

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