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‘Dating a Troll’ and other poems

By: Blair Boleyn

Dating a Troll

My beauty you extol,
But you don’t care about my soul.
You just want a doll you can control.

Morgana’s Admirer

You said, “You, my friend, I admire,
You’re not afraid to walk close to the fire.
You save others from many a quagmire,
As you fight against Evil’s empire.
But the situation’s dire;
I’ve heard, for your bravery, our Sire
Will make sure you burn in a funeral pyre.
I must inquire:
Is there anything from me that you might require?”

I replied, “I shall not retire
Before, from our lands, I chase the occupier.
The gods are gone; someone has to be the rectifier.
Since you ask, young squire:
And if my bravery does backfire,
If I, they manage to mire, entrap me in a spire,
Don’t let them my name bemire after I expire.
For me, like for heroes, play the lyre,
Until your calloused fingers tire.”

Once, I had a heart of gold…

Once, I had a heart of gold.
To conceal it, I acted overbold,
A vagrant witch, uncontrolled,
Inside harboring sorrows untold.
I didn’t like into what Life my person did mould.
I longed for someone to see me as I was, remove the blindfold.
Eventually, even I reached my threshold;
Life put me in a stranglehold.
Then, lo and behold,
I found a man who allowed my heart to safely unfold.
In his arms, my pained soul did he hold,
Sheltering it from the outside cold,
Never uttering a word of scold.
In love, Life repaid all the things it had taken, tenfold.
…But can I this relationship uphold?


This behavior even I cannot defend.
My own actions I do not comprehend.
Why do I so want this love to end,
When his heart I should be trying to mend?
Yet to love him, I cannot pretend.

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