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Capturing Varanasi through the lens of Sarthak Dasgupta: A review

By: Onkar Sharma

Varanasi: A Filmmaker’s Musings Along The Ghats” by Sarthak Dasgupta offers a captivating visual exploration of one of India’s most revered cities. The photobook transcends mere photography, immersing readers/viewers in the bustling daily life of Varanasi. Through a series of evocative images, Dasgupta skillfully encapsulates the essence of Varanasi – from its sacred ghats to its narrow mystic lanes.

Having encountered the book at the World Book Fair in New Delhi, I was drawn to its mesmerizing portrayal of Varanasi’s vibrant tapestry. Despite hearing about it at its launch earlier, I was compelled to delve deeper into its pages only at the book fair. As I flipped through the images at the Hawakal stall, I found myself transported to the very heart of Varanasi.

Dasgupta’s talent for breathing life into his frames shines through in this carefully curated collection. Through his lens, Varanasi’s rich history, spirituality, and mystique come alive, inviting readers/viewers to embark on a journey of exploration. Each photograph serves as a meditation, capturing the essence of Varanasi’s ghats and inviting introspection.

What sets Dasgupta’s work apart is his ability to craft visual poems through his compositions. His adept use of light, shadow, and perspective infuses each frame with authenticity and emotion. Whether capturing ancient temples, silent boatmen, or meditating sadhus, Dasgupta’s photographs resonate with depth and sincerity.

Varanasi: A Filmmaker’s Musings Along The Ghats” is more than just a portrayal of the city; it’s an invitation to self-discovery and introspection. Like a seeker on holy ground, readers are prompted to reflect on their own quest for meaning and connection. Whether an art enthusiast, traveller, or seeker of inspiration, this photobook comes highly recommended for its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation.

A few photos from the book:


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