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By: Daniel de Culla

Paris, City of Light and Love
What a joke!
As the City of Light has little
Unless you go up the Seine River
Go to the Amusement Park
You get on the Ferris Wheel
And you see a heaven to see:
On one side, the Notre Dame Cathedral
On the other, the Eiffel Tower
For later, after the trip
You look like the Hunchback
When you walk.
If, in the middle of the road
You are thirsty
Do not order water or beer in a café bar
Well, they will cost you a lot
Don’t even drink the holy water
From the cathedral font.
Well it’s cloudy and tastes like feet
And, the sacristan who takes care of it
Is a blind man who sees nothing.
Like City of Love
It is nothing more than the Tale of the Stork:
The one that brings
Stuffed in a sack
The children conceived
Silly and crazy
So that female on duty
Recounts the miracle
That male worked in her womb
Saying with her rag tongue:
-Children come from Paris!
Now, I refer the counter miracle
What happened to me with some friends:
Like honest and prudent gentlemen
For our dear wives and parents
We wanted to look for a different half orange
One day
In the famous Pigalle neighborhood
At the foot of the Montmartre hill.
At the famous and iconic Moulin Rouge
On the Boulevard of Clichy
We asked to a diva
That she was sitting in an armchair
Madame “O” style
“If here there was sex for us.”
Charitable and our persecutor
She stood up with great rigor
Telling us:
-Me, and our dancers, today
Have a garden
Where the harvest of the erect fruit
Iis harvested everyday.
Today we have no French or Dutch
Only Galicians.
Maybe next Sunday
Some Romanians come to us.
What a disappointment we got!
We did not want Galicians
So we went to a sex shop
Where my friends had sex
Through the wall
And Me, no
Because who knows
Perhaps you stung sown
Or reinforced cement.
My father already warned me:
-That it is better to see females
Together in a room
And see the garden
Where you are going to enter
Lest there be strange little birds
Or trumpeter mosquitoes
Culex pipiens
That feed on blood.

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