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‘Hesitation’ and other poems

By: Chloe Min


From the start, I warned you I would leave,
Yet your sweet soul made me hesitate and stay.
Your hope that I’d remain caused my heart to grieve,
When I let you go, I was filled with dismay.


The Halt of Spring

The sun sinks in the west,
My heart heavy in my chest.
Nature is blooming all around,
Yet now I am nowhere to be found.


Rainbow Parachute

The rainbow parachute, a whimsical flare,
Thrown into the sky, captures the air,
Descends upon us, sparking giggles and awed stares,
A beautiful pair that becomes rare,
Leading us to eventual despair,
For nothing else could truly compare.



Memories are piles of sand,
settling in fine lines of cupped hands,
Each grain evokes a sense of calm,
All so beautiful, like a sacred psalm.

Yet, as the palm roots dig deep,
And the wind of age continues to creep,
Grains slip through, drifting away,
Causing my heart to feel an empty sway.


Chloe Min is a sophomore at the Oak Hill School in Gainesville, FL. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing chess. 

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