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 ‘Tapestry of Morn’ and other poems

By: Frances Leitch

Tapestry of Morn

The dawns soft line
The morning light
The opening eye
of the sunlit sky
The pearly clouds
on the blue field sewn
The taste of warmth
in the soul known
To revel at the
mountains green
smooth folding hills
From which the dawn
behind is seen
The flash of light
upon earth longing
Rising sun serene
In the tapestry
of being

Life Song

The flowers that spew
Across a barren hill
That shove their heads
Out of rock and cranny
And from beneath bush top
Fling every which way
Dress mountain slopes
In petaled gowns
Allow meadows to wear
Bonnets in their hair
And sing a life song
For all begun

Spring Time

Flowers on the hillside
Amber, lily white
And lavender hue
Upturned faces
Smile to the sun
As squirrels scamper
And climbing
Up the pine
Dancing on the branches
Of springtime
So light and full
Billowy clouds
Roam across
The sky of blue


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