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‘The City’ and other poems

By: Bruce Levine

The City

The city unfolds its wonders
Cavernous streets outlining paths
Glass-fronted stores and shops
Eateries mingle with clothiers
Each beckoning in their way
Fragrances drifting through doorways
Rich flavors exciting the senses
Beckoning passers-by to enter
To feast their eyes and tastebuds
Engulfed in the fineries of life
Or the simplest vagaries of fun
Menus attached to city walls
Tempting the hungry to partake
Sidewalks lined with sale racks
Clothes for all occasions available
Street performers in full regalia
Mimes or bagpipe players or a jazz band
Enticing pedestrians to stop a while
A reprieve from moving onward
Before seeking the next destination
As the city unfolds its wonders

The Nature of Time

The nature of time
Clocks ticking
Sand flowing in hourglasses
Cuckoos singing
as figures go ‘round
Acting out their scene

The conundrum of eternity
Portrayed in pictographs
Like ever-shifting patterns
seen in a kaleidoscope
Isobars drawn on a weather map
Outlining the day

Forecasters of the future
As mediums communicate
with the past
Meditating on the internal
Perceived reality
Focused on the nature of time

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