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By: Kenneth M. Kapp

~ ~ ~

The King Is In

            The Joker cried, “The King is in, the King is in. I know he’s in,” as he was dragged off to the dungeon.

            He was thrown into a cell where the Ten of Clubs, crumbled in a corner, asked in a broken voice: “Was the King in today?”

            “Alas, I’m sure the King was, but He no longer sees subjects.”

* * *

The Queen Is Out

The Ace of Diamonds banged his staff three times, sputtering, “Of course the Queen is out. Did you expect her to be home waiting on the King?”

The Three of Spades inclined her head. “I hoped she would hear my partition.”

“Ha,” he barked, “the Queen has better things to do than listen to the likes of you! And don’t even think of looking for her in the parlor.”

* * *

Ah, the Knave

The Knave, having bidden his time, one eye pressed against the bedroom curtain, watched the King dallying on the Royal Bed. A picture of the pounding will be worth thrice the King’s weight in gold. The Queen will repay me amply.

A violent storm and a thunderclap caused him to drop the phone.

The Two of Clubs was distracted and reminded the King, “Don’t forget you promised to take me mushroom hunting in the Royal Preserve after the next rain.”


Kenneth M. Kapp was a Professor of Mathematics, a ceramicist, a welder, an IBMer, and yoga teacher. He lives with his wife in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, writing late at night in his man-cave. He enjoys chamber music and mysteries. He was a homebrewer for more than 50 years and runs whitewater rivers on the foam that’s left. His essays appear online in and articles in

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