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‘God’s Will’ and other poems

By: Samanyu Kotha

God’s Will

A divine force
Sweeps through the land
By god’s will, I feel his hand
His hand that reaches
To lift me from oblivion
He whispers hope
He breathes life
If it be God’s will
To renew my spirit
Perhaps I will walk
To see another dawn

A Truly Cultured Land

A cradle of civilization’s grace
Now fallen to devastation’s embrace
The shadows of calamity
Despite the potential for vitality
South and North, divided lands
Who cherishes worth, who understands?
Each culture so blatantly disregarded
So highly uncivilized
Forefathers’ dreams in silent plea
Not for division but unity
You stand here today with the future’s light
To smelt and forge a dawn from the night

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