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‘Las Cosas Pequeñas’ and other poems

By: Shontay Luna

Las Cosas Pequeñas

No necesito mucho
para ser feliz. Mi
felicidad reside en
las cosas más pequeñas
; el sol, las nubes, los
abrazos de mis hijas,
la risa de mis nietos.
Hay muchos
cosas más,
pero terminaré esta
poema con esos,
porque son los
más importantes.

I am From (two)

I am from State Street & the Forty Four; blocks
from the Urban League and Parker House
sausage factory.
From Super Jet and Mr. Johnson’s candy store
where I spent my allowance for years.
I am from 1606, 1307 and 1305.
From the grime of the incinerator and the smell
of wire mesh.
I am from two Oak trees in front of my Grand-
mother’s house that took up the whole block.
I am from Tina Elizabeth and Sarah Miranda.
From making big breakfasts Sundays before
From always smiling.
I’m from ‘Get your head out of the clouds’
and ‘Come here!’
I’m from the Alpha and the Omega;
I’m from the residence of Mrs. O’Leary’s
From banana pudding, greens and cornbread.
From Tina, Tommie, James and Sarah.
I am from proud yet humble; appalled
yet grateful.

Time is

Time is a mad
songbird, skipping
through lifetimes
when backs are
turned. The passing
can be quick; quicker
than the fastest
outlaw. Within a
blink, he’ll be gone.
Like a songbird,
whistling as he
rides into the sunset.
With bags of gold
topped with heated
pistols. The whispers
of townsfolk emerging
into screams upon the
dawn. Tick tock of the
clock a tap dance on the
brain, as one finale ends
but another begins.

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