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By Ryan Collins             The Spring when Danny and Sarah decided to start a family was the same Spring the earth stalled and the seasons never changed again. No one realized this […]

The Will Wraith

By: Sterling Warner “Did it happen again?” “Uh-huh! This time my heart beat faster, Gil, and I could swear I heard high pitched voices speaking in some foreign language, ordering me to […]


By: Erik Barca “Marcus, please stay the week. Dad needs you.” “He doesn’t want me around.  I’ll need to rearrange my work. I can only stay through Wednesday, maybe.” “But I can’t […]


By: James Bates “I wish you could swim,” Camden told Megan. “Like the dolphins.”             They were downtown, sitting outside having just finished lunch at a favorite cafe. She sent off a […]

The Gathering

By: Peter Astle “You can’t be serious,” Jane said. “You’ll be thrown in jail.”             Paul shrugged. “We might as well be in jail. Besides, this is important. It’s just one night.” […]


By: Kathleen Kempert “I don’t feel like I fit into your life anymore,” I type into the phone.  I look at the words before I hit send, my index finger hovering, daring […]

The Way We* Live Now

By: Mary Rohrer-Dann *We, who are still fortunate in all the many privileges of privilege.                         (with respect to Susan Sontag)             Good Morning America and the too-aptly named Eleventh Hour […]