Category: Fiction

Coffee, Please, in a Lovely Cup

By: Ruth Deming After my final sip of awful generic coffee, I donned my cowboy hat with latch at bottom so it wouldn’t topple off, and set out to walk the hilly […]

Myrna’s Story

By: Raymond Greiner Myrna Davis was born in 1950 into a middle class family and raised in a mid-sized, mid-western town.  Myrna was an exceptionally beautiful child a direct genetic influence of […]


By: Laura Stamps Rupert, Myrtle, Glory, Monkey, Puff, Bear, Pretzel, Snickers, and Lockeye. Can you believe it? These names. These dogs. The dogs that belong to the subscribers. Of this dog magazine. […]

Devoted to You

By: Ruth Deming Doctor Foxhall, my primary care doctor, wrote his patients a generic letter suggesting we investigate a new health care plan called “Devoted Health Care.” I grabbed my “Everything Notebook” […]

Half Dark

By: Harvey Huddleston A combine harvests the field.  It’s a field where something grows, something green and leafy that is consumed by the masses, alfalfa maybe.  But the leaves aren’t separate.  They […]