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By: JW Burns Alan sat in a puddle.             “…doesn’t pay enough. Twice in three months I’ve had to call my father just to get by—you know how I hate that—so I’m […]

The Vacation

By: Bruce Levine Friday seemed like it would never come. If the time was distance and it was measured in lightyears it would still be incalculable. For Wendi Blake time had definitely […]

The Major

By Stephen Tillman        Major Brett Stempin needed his cane as he painfully ascended the steps to his front porch. He’d been wounded near the end of his twelve-month deployment and spent […]

Girardet -1987

By: Dan O’Neill              “How would you like to have lunch at the best  restaurant in the world ?”               That was the question I put to my old friend, Colleen Moran. […]