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The Right Idea

By: Sterling Warner “Gerry—why do you always seem a couple years younger each time I see you?” “Dunno. Sunscreen? Diet? Skin lotion?” Gerry replied. “Smartass!” “At your service, Martin.” “But you’re sorta […]


By: Adam Kluger The green tongue of the monster was hard and spiky. The rubbery grey lips and dark hard outer shell were open, completely exposed. Ok. So my universal remote fell […]


By: Degen Hill “Climber One, do you copy?” Static echoed back across the line. “Climber One, this is Sierra Base, Dimension 19, do you copy?” The static continued. Lieutenant Mercer turned to […]


By: Barry Vitcov “I’d like to purchase a replacement battery for my pacemaker,” said the short, white-haired, slightly bent over woman with inquisitive green eyes. She stood at Saul Gold’s battery kiosk […]