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brown squirrel on tree looking at reflection on body of water

I Wonder About the Squirrel

By: Bruce Levine As Hurricane Irma approached, our dog, Daisy, and I sat on the porch of our apartment waiting and watching as the wind increased. The original forecast had been a direct hit on Delray Beach, Florida, but Irma…

broken glass peaces scattered on ground

The Yellow Shard

By: Dee Artea Waking up with a screeching headache, a fragment of recent memory that’s a mystery, and a blazing sun burning right through me. What’s this large rock beside me, like a sturdy companion? Oh, my left shoulder aches,…

yellow cube on brown pavement

Hole in One

By: Jinmo Koo It was a typical Monday afternoon and I was at the golf course with 3 of my friends. That day, we were unsure whether or not to play as we thought it would rain. We decided to…

person standing on brown wooden dock

It Will Rain Today

By: Harrison Abbott They say it will rain today. You wake up before the alarm clock. The GP opens at nine and you wake up shortly after seven. When you open the curtain, a sheen of grey light spreads across…

village near mountain cliff

Call The Knackermen!

By: John Caulton ‘Driving up the country lanes The knackermen, we’re here again A farmer’s gate, lift the latch Dispatch, collect another batch’ The dead… Oh, the joys of country living; the smell of sewage sludge, silage and manure! Unfortunately,…

person making dough

The Bake Off

By: Charles Wiegand Eliana’s passion is baking. All kinds of baking—bread, candy, cakes, pastries, and pies. She loves baking so much she has three ovens in her kitchen. She is known throughout her neighborhood for her baked goods—everything from simple…

Mrs. Hunter and The Duchess

By Henry Simpson Mike realized he’d skipped lunch, ordered a gin and tonic from the flight attendant, and tried to relax. He deserved a reward for at last escaping Reno. The cocktail was not much to feel guilty about. When…

silhouette of man sitting on grass field at daytime


By: Brian Michael Barbeito I go through from inside to the outside deck via the automatic doors of an impossibly large ship. Just beyond handsome wooden slats biege that meet white painted wrought iron dividers topped with a teak rail,…

Crazy Loves

By: Tom Ball   I still remember my first love well. It ended when she said if I didn’t promise to love her forever, she would jump off the tower. I walked away and when I got down to ground level, her…

hand holding flowers shadow

A Piece of Chalk

By: Harrison Abbott Apparently my uncle had had another of his suicidal drinking bouts and he needed help sobering up. I drove over to his house. And found him walking along the road, raging at the planet like a maniac….