Category: Fiction


By: James Bates The summer when I was eight years old a new highway began being built about a mile from our farm. My older brother Lewis and I were fascinated by […]

Chastity Jones

By Clark Zlotchew Now, I’m a very good person; anyone who knows me will tell you.  I like people, I regularly contribute to a bunch of charities, can’t even refuse a panhandler […]

Spilled Milk

By: Ruth Deming      I had fallen asleep again in the living room on the small blue and white loveseat, my body contorted like a serpent. The television was blaring. Mr. Rogers […]

Fountain Pen

By: Ranjit Kulkarni “No Papa, I didn’t lose the pen,” I cried in agony, as Papa slapped my open palm with the cane he had in his right hand. “This will teach […]


By Gaither Stewart The last time I saw Algodón was in the instant before the medics pulled the sheet over his face. From my fourth floor balcony across the narrow street, even […]


By Eric Burbridge             The impact spun the vehicle and shattered glass followed his body against the door. Nick was ejected before the car flipped. He couldn’t feel his legs. His face […]