Category: Fiction

The Host

By: Sterling Warner “A load of buck salt in the butt was worth the price of stealing cherries and other fruit from the luscious orchards that seemed endless my youth,” Drew muttered […]

The Jump

By: Woodie Williams Jim hopped out of his ancient, green pickup truck, slammed the rusty door shut and ambled towards us. The rest of us were hanging out in the shade beside […]


By: Gabriella Symss  One eye began to come unglued from sleep and punitive morning light struck with raucous determination through the crack. A wad of cotton sat inside her skull accompanying the […]

The Stakeout

By D.C. Mason             Kenneth Wolfman was surprised by how much the sight bothered him. The red glow of the heat lamp and the static clicking of its electric hum filled the […]

Camp Ajian

By: Nathaniel Okolo ! Approximately 12,000 miles away from camp Ajian, General Promes sat morose at his desk, slouched over in his too comfortable leather chair, he thought to himself, that this […]

Missing Her

By: Marvin Thiele “Steven, you really need to stop calling me,” came her warm voice.             “But, it’s been a year. I haven’t called in a year,” Steve said. A sigh, on […]


By: Katrenia Busch The sound of the alarm clock echoing in my head, as I’m still asleep and late for school again. “Daniel! Are you awake?” Dad’s probably still trying to impress […]