Category: Fiction

The Old Man

By Mark Kodama I waited for no one in particular at the Sunshine Home for Assisted Living. The little time I have left is slipping away like grains of sand in an […]


By: Hayden Hart For eight hours per day, five days a week, for around two-hundred and sixty days per year, I generated spreadsheets for AutoFlash, the third largest Jeep auto parts distributer […]

Mowgli’s Mother

By: Mehreen Ahmed “What a strange name? Mowgli’s mother,” Brenda Braidy said. “Yes, very strange, ” said her friend Frieda Jane. “But do you know what?” Brenda asked. “What?” “What’s even stranger, […]

Lady of the rain

By: Kat Devitt Rain fell in sheets as Patience watched and wanted the world. Droplets tapped against the window in taunt. Tap, tap, tap. Each droplet told of lands seen from their […]


By: Michal Reibenbach I noticed a school girlfriend of mine was walking behind her parents on the other side of the road to us. Her head was wrapped up in an enormous […]