Category: Fiction


By: James Bates I remember hearing the song by Three Dog Night, “One Is the Loneliest Number,” and thinking, Yeah, that’s me. All by myself. No one cares. Now I see that […]


By: Dexter Alex Being locked away was the best part of being alive these days, I was kept sedated and restrained so I wouldn’t take my own life. I had tried, fractured […]

Black Op Blog

By: John E.C.         for R.N. The reason? To heighten, within the populace, the fear and hatred of the perceived enemy’s threat, in order to increase the state’s authoritarian grip. A straight […]


By: Jacob LePretre Did you use a rubber?      No. Course I didn’t use a rubber. I mean, Christ, yeah now that’s an idea. But I’m not an idiot. Watch where you’re […]


By: Edward Wells             The river comes at Penthelm, in its depression, from the southeast. Before reaching the town, the river curves to the northeast around the natural levy of the ridge. […]


By: Sterling Warner Leo seemed destined to become a body modification master. His peculiar interest in appearance started when he noticed his mother developing skin tags. “Hey mom,” Leo announced one afternoon. […]

Sticky Situation

By: Carl Papa Palmer In my sister-in-law’s bathroom, sometime after midnight, unable to locate her light switch, I leave the door open for some visibility from a night lamp in the hall. […]