Category: Fiction

The Wood Story

By: Richard Stickann The heartwood. Intense black. Enigmatic. Symbol of power of the ancient kings. Fruit of the gods. Antidote to evil for the ancients. Exotic. Beautiful. The wood rubbed smooth against […]


By: Cat Sole One: Shoebox             This was stupid, he thought as he dug. The dog was dead. Definitely dead.             The stupid yappy thing. Glenda loved it, doted on it, insisted […]

Clear Vision

By: Mary Marca “Ha, ha, ha! Whoooeee! That’s really funny!” The sound of Dick’s laughter reached to all corners of the bar as his eyes darted about, checking the reactions of his […]

The Mark

By: Jack Bristow            Jimmy “Wheels” O’Flanagan was a beast of a man. He weighed only 150 pounds; he wore a scally cap. He rolled everywhere. He could have taken the subway, he could have taken the taxi, but […]