Category: Fiction


By: Caroline Piermattei She heard the chirp, the squeak. Then the black blur scurried past her leg. He climbed the tree then ran, having what looked like fun. Black squirrels, She strained […]


By: Harvey Huddleston He’d been there a few times before, the BARC shelter.  It stood for Brooklyn Animal, then whatever starts with an R and Center.  The R might be for relocation […]


By Ellis Shuman They were seated two rows ahead of me on the half-empty plane and without seeing their faces, or knowing anything about them, I could tell that they were totally […]


By Ramprasath Rengasamy  I offered a ten-dollar note to a beggar, but he took it and threw it back on my face and walked away. It was like he slapped across my face. I woke up […]