Category: Fiction

Camera Wars

By Martin David Edwards The camera club organiser tapped at his watch. “Five minutes for our next wizard,” he said.George stepped forward from the waiting photographers onto the set, his camera at […]

No Good Deed

By: Stephen Tillman Scott Carmintz’ first thought on seeing the gorgeous woman striding toward the bar was, high-class hooker. She was wearing a backless sundress barely covering her ass. The dress had […]


By: Austin J. Dalton You’re going to hate how this year ends, but it starts with an alright scene. I’m writing you from more than a decade in the future, and hopefully […]

Crane Game

By: Nicole Le Crane sleeps in again. He calls up that girl from Nico’s apartment to see if she wants to hang out. She comes over and they smoke cigarettes together in the […]

State of Life

By: Ramprasath “What have you done, Mark?” John’s voice was filled with anxiety. “What?” “He was one like you” Mark grew impatient instantly. “John, I had to worry about my safe return. Jonathan […]

The Rescue

By: Dan A. Cardoza Mr. Simmons’s grips his gloved hands on the steering wheel, as his rusty Ford 150 jostles the turns, along the gravel road on a mission. The intermittent click/clack of […]


By Rhiannon Bird Every week you were gone my steps slowed, every day you were gone the emptiness trickled in, every hour you were gone it was harder to breath. People told […]