Category: Poetry

Taking Stock

By: Stephen Kingsnorth I carried a Pisa piletowards the door desk, greyish tinge.The bright street frontage, poster glowfelt-tip scrawl announced, not Alexandria,but fire damaged stock for sale. High School me, taken self […]


By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey I was lying with hernaked and panting with moanssoft and supple. . Far above the moon was strugglingto cuddle the wanton clouds. . A shudder in my loins […]

What we can see

By: CJ Delous From fetus to a handful of ashes; a brief flicker of light in the darkness;the thread of our existence,helplessly passing from past to future; contingent filaments entwinedwithin the infinite: […]

The Artist and You

By: Amy Rohrbaugh God the Artistcreated it all.He painted each leafin the beautiful fall.He shares His warmthin the bright yellow sunthat lights up the skyin the summery fun.He kisses the tulipswith colors […]