Category: Poetry

Poems by Mythili Nagarajan

By: Mythili Nagarajan .Destiny. Trespassers Are solemnly Condemned. .Inspiration. Nerved In vein By nerve. .Art. Spirit Of Thy Soul’s spirit. .Love. Absent minds In Treasure heart. .Fire. Ignites Thine In mine. .Beauty. […]

Poem: Boy

By: Macy Perrine He is saintly. an extra sprinkle of stardust an extra stroke and polish in heaven’s factory and the lord pressed copper rings in his eyes deeming him golden. once-in-a-lifetime, […]

Poem: Elite

By: Alan Berger I have never been oneTo want to ascend to the eliteFor more days than someI’m lucky for shoes on my feet Even when young In The Village doing poppers’ […]

The Lady

By Mark Lindsey Under the cool water there lives a lady. She sings a sad song of world’s past. Of how they rose and sank, And never dreamed of a better place. […]

Poem: Nymphs

By Mark Lindsey Emotion. That Magical nymph so bare. Heeding only unknown drives, Her life one with the tree stability. Together yet apart they exist. Time. Friend and foe to all. Wearing […]