Category: Poetry

Take me back

By: Annapurani Vaidyanathan 12 turns should do it, I decide,as I fiddle with the time-turner in my hand.I wonder if the speed might triple, were you in the same continent as me.Because, […]

When Did We Become I?

By Trinity Damasco Underneath the summer sun,We wilted, but our love bloomed.Dandelions danced, fireflies flew;Lovers laughed, grass grew;And then there was us doing all the above.My heart raced as we frolicked in […]

Dear Chocolate Girl

By: Essence Gibbs People stay mesmerized by your beautyCurls, soft and bouncyLips, plump and fullYour skin, caressed by the light of the sunYou are the blueprintAttempted to be duplicated, but never quite […]

Rain is Grace

By Edson Sambala It is the sense of conscientiousness,For rain season to come close to your gate,To bring elation and neighbourhood,But love is a priori to every action. Grasses enjoy fresh air […]