Category: Poetry

The Red Sea

By: Jack Berexa A divinely parted sea,Meaning…invisibility? Tides rearrange.Shift,Lift,Missed,But never to not exist. A divinely parted sea,Meaning…bless the majority. Red does not sink.Redglistens,listens,christens. Then Red prefers, incurs,Red…Covert? Overt? Covert.Covertly saboteurs. But still […]

People Like Us

By: Alan Berger Beyond the front doorOut the windowBetween our bloodAnd our poresAs we try to explore this and that and suchFor people like and un-like usLove is just another excuse to […]


By: Mohammad Jashim Uddin He confesses at the midnightWhen the earth sleeps to reduce burden of pains,But satan walks door to door to hinder. Satanic verses engulf himDue to emotion in pain […]

Die and Rest

By: Andrea Myinga One day, we shall all die but thatWill be the end for some and forOthers the beginning of restful rets This world is too big to be understoodWithin short […]

Poem in Limbo

By: Ethan Goffman My poem is not in heaven, my poem is not in hell.Like scores of dozens of thousands of others,like the stars strewn across the cold night skyawaiting a dawn […]

Romantic Memories

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI I still remember, O my sweet companion,Of that chaste kiss on your innocent breast,Nourished by the emotion that love accompaniesIn the field of the passions of a […]

The Libido

By: Shilpa Girish That! Your sight of lust,Caused me twirl my head awaySwaying my reticenceAnd, when you clasped my face,Caressed my forehead,Then my eyes and cheeks,I wanted to stay in your embrace […]