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silhouette of man

The Man and His Mask   

By John RC Potter The man under the mask… You rode along the dusty western street,as you strode hard across my laptop screen,strutting and preening like a proud peacock;dark, mysterious, maybe even mean,perhaps dangerous, a badass cowboy,but the handsomest dude…

pathway along brown grass

‘A way’ and other poems

By: Darren Lynch A Way Sit to the voice ,Silent gaze The hauling land of houndsProwling entranceRepetition , Repetition , Repetition Held in confident frownsThe grips of attracted veteransPolished in rewardOn entranceOf fading prime ways , Celebate oh the union…


Hours and Moments

By: Bruce Levine Floating hours and picturesque moments Peppering the days with sights and soundsPhotographic mem’ries etched on a canvassOf love laced forever through eyelets of gold Time resting gently on snowflakes floatingThrough forests abounding with lush color greensSquadrons of…

woman posing with raised arms in field

I Thought I Could Wash You Away

By: Anna Knowles I thought I could wash you away,when I twisted the sink’s knob,and the faucet began sobbing into a porcelain bowl;so I plunged my hands under the water andscrubbed until my skin was rash-red and sore. My palms…

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

Cryptic Recurrence

By: Carl Papa Palmer You’d think he’d have learned by now to take a momentbefore blindly grabbing us from his night stand drawer. If he would keep us in another roomwhere he’d have to actually get upit would remedy our…

man carrying baby drawing their foreheads


By: Carl Papa Palmer I never saw him cryno tears of joy or regretnor praise for meno hugs, never kisses always that stiff upper lipever emotionless smilealways to make me strongnever ever a momma’s boy handshakes firm, hurtfuluntil I was…

photo of man sitting on a cave


By: James Aitchison The placid day belies its chaos:a giant web of conflicted men.Only the eternal realityremains absolute: men dwellon an earthly plane,through a series of lives,one following the other,to seek all that which is beautiful.Only through a soul at…