Category: Poetry

Poem: Honeymoon Dirge

By: Edmund Weisberg Unsettling. Unfathomable. Shocking. Surreal. To be sitting there eating As the bridegroom lay dying. Of course, we had no clue at the time. There had been an accident, we […]

Poem: Tell the story

By: J. Sheeba Tell the story, The storms and the whirls, Keep repeating twirls and twirls. Along life’s rugged roads, Tempest and thunder, But I tread, still I wonder! The river of […]

Poem: Once

By: Cynthia Pitman Not too long ago, the backyard had an old orange tree. Too tall and very spindly,it one day split a dry crack down its trunk, sealing its fate. After […]

Poem: Human

By: Ron Ridenour Human is inhumane Greed is human Humanism is inhumane Exploitation is human Oppression is human Repression is human Torture is human Murder is human War is humane Love of […]