Category: Poetry

The Undertaker Shop

By: donnarkevic After closing, a young black manknocks. You see, my businessincludes haven. You see,in the deep South, white farm ownerspurchase the prison time of jailed blackswho then work the plantations.Well, even […]

Hotel Enigma!

By: #madmusings The young couple on honeymoonSmooching, petting walked into the lobbyThe receptionist flashed a smile soonHanded them the keys of the room,She was beautiful, fair, and chubby! As they proceeded to […]


By: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala High morale, boosted status, and superbStyle of living makes one feel your better ¬–Off guise and you are in seventh heavenJust a delusion, you are out of it […]


By: Rachel Chitofu Sometimes we learnfrom ameliorating televisionbroadcasts—maybe the sunsnarls morefatally in contrasted shadesof itselfand you look better today,now that your clothesare finally off.I am still a child and maybe that’s why […]