Category: Poetry

‘One Big Recipe Book’ and other books

By: Puneet Kumar One Big Recipe Book Life is a one bigRecipe bookThat keeps manyDelicious dipping sauces It has the best condimentsTo add delicious tastesAnd tangy aromasFor each meal It can be […]


By: Jim Bates The granite ground sparklesSun beating down releasing scentsGreen lichen, brown grass, and sageDried horse manure, too. Through the polished white poplarsThe river glistens crashing over rocksThunderingMisty droplets drifting. High […]

‘Sapid’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Sapid Not all strong, pleasant tastes are free of sycophantic heritage(Consider how obsequious behaviors often precede elections.)Assess, too, the number of “people’s candidates” engaged inMisanthropic, “private” deeds (until […]