Category: Poetry

‘Mouse safe by laptop’ and other haikus

By: Vanaja Malathy Mouse safe by laptopTill touchscreen trashed it downRobots too extinct. No doctrines, prophetsway of life, belief in soulThat is Hinduism. Enter world in painLive attached in illusionExit detached, calm. […]


By: Jim Bates “It’s all in the wrist,” he said“Really?”“Well,” he grinned lovingly mussing his son’s hair“Maybe some magic’s involved, too.”“Wow!” The boy looked closelyThe pencil-drawn portrait of a horse’s head was […]

Glory Hound

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Glory Hound Seeking praise, acclaim, renown oft results in purulent rhetoric.Such bosh, itself, forms quods from words, elsewise vituperatesInnocents. Violent language is its own ague, is societal poison, […]

There Once

By: Alan Berger There onceWas a boy we createdWe fed bathed and serenaded There onceWas a loveThat grew like a flowerLike a gift fromA higher powerSustained with tearsLike a warm lovely summer […]


By: James Aitchison The Voice was speaking:The substance of life is ever-changing,while you construct unchanging attributesthat live within yourself.Man, you can be in harmonywith the world despite adversity.What of the bodily,what of […]