Category: Poetry

Are you Angry

By: Hardeep Sabharwal The text is just floating in the phone,“Are you angry!”The phrase, ‘I know what you have felt’.Is more an irony and less an assumption,And the reply, ‘No’But I hate […]

Tempo Rubato

By: John Best Summer nights in Trestavere, Death andTime enjoy an espresso together.Why not? They can’t hurt each other. But thatnight, down one street twisted, now a secondstreet dank, then a third […]


By: Victor Azubike Drag racing- rapid accelerationThe orbit spinsAnd spiralsOn the cartwheels. Effervescence:MassAnd moleculeProportionately in motion. Flashbacks – flashforwardsNimble fingeredEyes on the dashboardEars on the ground for sound- Hapless drunken staggerOn the […]