Category: Poetry

Loss of Integrity

By: Farumbo Why do i always feel judged on my lookLike re-reading your favourite parts of your favourite book ?Why do i feel this pain deep inside ,If I suffer for eternity […]

Growing Old

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey How many times I have whisperedSoftly in your ears that I am getting old.My hair has grown grey and bald patcheshave overgrown here and thereoften reminding of my […]

Blue Stain

By: Sheila Henry Slavery was abolished in America almost 200 years agobut the system refuses to relinquish a sad historybinding young black men as they remain preyand are locked up in a […]

The blank page

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI It rains on the sheets of the half-opened notebookLaying there before you, now useless,When inspiration, in infertile tears,pours its solitude into your heart in winter… From the […]

“A Prophecy”

By Justin Permenter There will come a last songA requiem for the passing of an ageIts melody will echo across the great gulf of timeAnd testify to the bright beginning and wretched […]