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Poem: The Music Room

  By: Kyle Hemmings   At work, her father fights a losing war with paper men. Home, Zin imagines wind scorpion women without musical sense, exoskeletons in the morning, left-overs of love. Some girls are cursed with supernatural powers of hearing….

Poem: They Could Almost Breathe as One

By: Kyle Hemmings Her new step-mom keeps losing herself in supermarkets, especially in the aisle that sells kitty litter or retractable dog leashes. She loves little dogs & homeless cats & admits freely that she herself might be verging on extinction….

Poem: Dueling With The Snowman

By Richard King Perkins II He squats naked and glorious. He does not move. Intimidated, everything comes to him. Light, substance, power. The naïve, the curious, the envious. It’s true and utterly transparent. I despise his perfection. He is far more…

Poem: foretold

By: Christopher Mulrooney the humpbacked whales you shouted in my ear as we ran along the highway something about the humpbacked whales over and over again

Poem: Una Vida Sin Amor

By: Brenna Deane   The dark moon, a burnt out light bulb A translucent orb of molding cheese Cool light, sour life, quiet hum, dusty surface, bitter aroma Wide eyes absorb the gentle melody Armstrong’s first step into Space The…

Poem: The Riverside spirits

The river still waits for the boats that once sailed over to the other side with hopes to conquer lands beyond the distant hillocks. Centuries have gone by yet no fellow returned. Not even a descendant ever showed up. No news…

Poem: love like winter

By: Linda M. Crate your eyes are the cruel garters of the sea, eroding away all sense of ego or self you see past me through me as if i am the invisible woman — you stare past my words,…

Poem: Lullaby

By: Alex Bernstein     I’m on his shoulders. We’re at the beach. Playing in sawdust. Smiling in the ambiance of sweet nectarine sounds. Lapping on orange jungle gyms, in Batesville offices, and on spinning chairs. Sidelines at little league…

Poem: Baptized

By: Mark Williams   Baptized in flames Of fire restrained Me a love went up in smoke Ashes to ashes Dust to dust The Lord sent her away. Baptized in flames Heart burning in flames Heat spreading, surrounded me Dark…

Poem: Katil husband

By Onkar Sharma “I’ll freak you out with my disembodied voice. I’ll shriek you out though I’m stabbed thrice.” The Sound starts the blues and thrills the torso. It belongs dolefully to the oblivious world. The shuffle resumes and retreats….