By: Bob Kalkreuter She lay on the floor beside the sofa, the old dog, white fur grizzled with yellow, drowsing where the window-heated sunlight spilled warm and familiar. Her breath came in […]


By: Bruce Levine Jason picked up his pencil for probably the hundredth time that day and put it back down every time. It wasn’t a case of writer’s block because each time […]

Bapu’s Ahimsa

By: Ram Govardhan “No country other than India, and no religion other than Hinduism could have produced a Gandhi.” This assertion, by a London newspaper, echoes the romantic view of the world […]

Nuts and Dust

By Charlotte Pregnolato Harry sits expectantly at the table. Lights are low, candles lit, and “Fool’s Rush In” by Elvis, still Harry’s favorite, plays softly. He smiles as he draws his napkin […]

Body Smell

By: Sunil Sharma No longer could she stand—his body smell. Things suddenly got complicated that summer night. Sweating hard in the airless room, he wanted to have her body, the way the […]