The Same Privacy

By: Phoebe Marrall These I saw: small onions laidwith their root discs punctuatingthe longitude poles. Polar caps,yes, navels to the earth wheretheir buried unions still hold. That space along the stalls,unpeopled on […]

The Replacement

By Mark Kodama I.             The owner of the decapitated head – his mouth frozen in a silent scream and eyes wide open in sheer terror – had seen its own death […]

Last Day

By: Ashley Summerfield  There was always something magical about the last day of school before the summer holidays. I am sure you remember the sensation yourself. The bell would ring, and you […]

Isaiah, Berlin

By: Itay Eisinger I didn’t knowWe would return to EuropeLike this:With the blissOf burgundy passportsAnd the abyssthe IsraeliPolitical griefHas left usWith.Where Id wasNow Berlin is.Where fascism was —Fascism was also firstTo leave.In […]

Red Sand

By: Jordan Almond The wind moved one strand of hairAcross her face at a time.Grains of red sand fly over the earth,Flitting through the hot air.Vast. Ancient.She lay spread over the land […]