By: Amanda Weir-Gertzog awake againcirca 4amsweat rivuletsglisten my skin slick to the touchbreathing rusheda postmenopausalpainted blush aura cherry redflashbang my headknocking sleep’s dooronto nightmares bed rest often remainsa memory, estrangedsomnambulancemy brain unchained

Model Airplanes

By: Jim Bates High on glueNo, waitNot glue but being togetherThe young boy and his dadWith that model plane they were building. Side by side“Here, son. Let me help.”He guides the boy’s […]

Brief Respite

By: David Patten A landscape of mud.  Thick, invasive.  Like a disease it spreads and clings, fueled by the autumn rains that have pummeled the endless fields of Flanders.  Now, with the […]

A Place for Isabelle

By: Linda Barrett One                Tears ran down Isabelle’s face as she left the homeless shelter. They created shining rivulets on her dark chocolate-colored cheeks. The old woman walked out into the […]


By Karen Lee Stradford I’m looking forward toa good time,seat at the stage.My friends are waitingfor me. They can see the excitementon my face.People dance and singinthe aisles. The woman next to […]