By: Vladimir Motchoulski The urchin told me to jump. “Jump,” he said. “Go on. Jump.” I looked away, down and away, toward the crystalline water shimmering at the bottom of the magnificent […]

‘Our names’ and other poems

By: Roger G. Singer OUR NAMES a prairie start,shadows overyour eyes,jealous cloudssilently passbrushing outwinds andunansweredprayersdrifting downfrom abovewith reflectionsof paths missedand wordsof fire thatno rain couldquenchuntil the yearsof tidesfloated tothe surfaceour names ### […]

The Renaissance of Criticism: A Post-Postmodern Manifesto

By: Trevor Anthony                      The dignity of the artist lies in keeping alive the sense of wonder in the world.                                                                                            –  G.K. Chesterton      The world loves nothing better than to blacken […]


By: K.McAllister Day 36: I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not coming back. The halls have been void of sound for a while now,  once the skittering of mice as […]

Lilly Necklace

By: Seneca Schwarz A proud voice slithers its way through her otherwise crowded orifice.“Your maze of tubes won’t hinder me from getting out and consuming her.”It said, “I’m almost finished here, but […]