Story: A murder

By: Ram Prasath “A Million?” “Five. One settlement” The dark figure that sat inside the Rangerover thought for a moment and pulled out a bag and handed it over to Donovan and Jimmy. […]

Poem: Poetry is …

By: Milt Montague poetry the ultimate language implying a multitude saying little shorthand a story simply told much left to imagination creative imagery cloaks an idea in protective camouflage a strong feeling […]

Poem: Case

By: Milt Montague when I was a child the world was dominated by the penny candy case highlight of the local candy store a large glass showcase featuring many glass shelves chock […]

Story: Silent Cheers

By: Raymond Greiner Allegany Heights is an affluent bedroom community near Philadelphia. The state of Pennsylvania is a renowned hub of football mania, and many historic great players have emerged from this geographic […]