Poem: Rain of Love

By: Neelam Singh The beauty of rain I behold Raindrops fall upon me Frost-bitten heart melting at the sound of rain Moments of pain exposed by the rain Joy, I see everywhere […]

Poem: Each Day

By: James G. Piatt The top of the pepper Trees glisten With a scarlet glow from Vanishing prayers, The Mission’s bell spire Gleams with a holy flame, Dim umbra’s exist below. Oh beautiful […]

Poem: Forget

By: James G. Piatt Beneath the shade of a Sycamore tree, looking at thoughts reflecting off the ripples of a blue pond, I hear the strident voice of a red headed acorn woodpecker […]

Poem: Hope

By: James G. Piatt When I am probing for relief from dark days, my mind is fraught with the omens of a murky future, the sky is filled with dark thunder, and foreign […]

Story: Knife

By: Ram Prasath As a sharp knife was on its way penetrating that tall man’s chest and he screamed loudly while his clothes went red, the director shouted “cut” thrice indicating to […]