Poem: Superstition

By: Mitch Green I wasn’t the focus, the focal diction – Fiction dead on ambition. Wishing, superstition – salivating, Procreating the filth from my heart. Fresh starts are only mental manipulation, Lonely relations […]

Poem: Kettle Wax

By: Mitch Green Interstellar techno-optics formed flashes of bright, splashing pigments across the far wall. Fashionably suitable for this celebrative, retro-themed shindig. Knee-high stockings skinned to the seam of multicolor ribbons. Lacing wars, […]

Incentive To Aspire

By: Raymond Greiner Human social design has traveled a long, meandering path encountering a myriad of challenges, barriers and conflicts. History unveils an assortment of achievements, errors, and misdirection resulting in what […]