Poem: Tailor-made Ladies

By: Pavithra Joseph Pretty, frilly dresses, unsuited to trees and skinned knees; perfect, though, with stilts for shoes that cramp toes, and that wind-swept Munroe-esque pose. We learn young to confuse discomfort with […]

Poem: Don’t Touch

By: Pavithra Joseph They stood across each other packed into a train carriage; separated by others, unspeaking, looking out, or into their digital lives. He looked at her, letting the veil drop- so […]

Poem: Shadow

By: Hardeep Sabharwal All those legend of your liveliness and courage, entered in my bones as ants, forming an ant hill, like a newly wedded girl’s Bangle’s lyrics, chanting day and night, […]

Poem: Matrix

By: Hardeep Sabharwal. This year I met a guy In the same old mirror Who boasted of becoming Imago from larva Showing wings of flight Same footpaths and same sleepers Just with […]

Poem: Regrets

By: Ayad Gharbawi Goodbye Tears of life A farewell Beckons So I’ll say My words Of today While sincerely Despising My yesterdays For my structure And spelling Were so wrong; So often Did […]