Poem: Life

By: Leena   We are all miscellaneous, ploughing the fields of wasteland; with a private understanding of life; an incongruous effect – suffocating, whether awake or asleep in air – conditioned rooms.

Poem: Y!

By: Changming Yuan You are really haunted by this letter Yes, since it contains all the secrets of Your selfhood: your name begins with it You carry y-chromosome; you wear Y-pants; both your […]

Poem: Gossip

By: Ranjeet Sarpal A love affair that Begins as a gossip Has more chances To survive In the jungle of emotions Than An unexposed love affair Running the risk of being suffocated […]

Poem: Ahead

By: John Wells  From the car’s window we look toward a quietude of lightning in the faraway, lightening once in a while, the way fireworks illuminate our decline into the whatever awaiting— the […]