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Trumped up wars

By William T. Hathaway “Obey me or die!” the orange-haired man threatens the world. “My drones know you’re home, and my missiles don’t miss. I’m Commander in Chief, CinC for short. I’ll […]


By: Gaither Stewart If you have you ever seen a monkey hanging from a tree by its tail and showing its red ass to onlookers, then you have seen the animal kingdom’s […]

Story: The Objector

By: Raymond Greiner I gaze from my bedroom window on this glorious spring morning as dew glistens on the green pasture. Crows glean the field, with a loquacious sentinel perched nearby keeping […]


By: Gaither Stewart  Indifference is an American-European story. As French chansonnier Serge Gainsbourg sang of his love for Brigitte Bardot: “What does the weather matter, what matters the wind? Better your absence […]