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Asura–Tale of the Vanquished

Irrespective of current novelists in India, what drew editor’s interest most was a mythological novel–‘Asura–Tale of the Vanquished’ by Anand Neelakantan. It is author’s debut book and really impresses with out of the league approach of treating a malevolent character like Ravana (from the Ramayana). It weaves a true necklace of incidents that forced Ravana to defy his opponent–Rama.

Certainly the fiction draws the reader into Ravana’s uncanny life and struggle with a convincing approach and carefully chosen words. The author has also seen through associate asura characters and seems to have presented a truly fresh view of the age old villian. Though the book stands to face criticism at certain places, it deserves its place in the remarkable books of 2012. Besides, the book, as its publisher claims, was a runaway success.

It is certainly a recommended read.



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    I’ve read ‘Asura–Tale of the Vanquished’ novel which gives us an insight into the vaniquished’s mind. History has always paid attention to what the victors have done, undergone through and suffered. However, the losers are remembered only for their villainy. But this book is a true tribute to the vaniquished villians of the history, mythology and folktales.

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