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Online bookstores let you buy more books

Online Booksstore
When buying a book–fiction, poetry, general–what do you do, where do you go to? Are you still buying books from bookstores in the mall near your house? Are you scared of going online and finding books on multiple online bookstores? Please rethink.

The online bookstores are the only bookshops where you get a lot of discount whereas physical or brick and mortar stores are still shy of offering the discount. The websites like Flipkart, uRead, Homeshop18. etc give you multiple choices of publishers on a few books. Equally you can read the user reviews on these websites before you make choice on a title. In addition, a website like (which is Amazon-owned) offers you price comparison for a book from different online stores.

Certainly the gyan we are trying to give about online bookstores is just a speck of dust. You know much more than this. But the idea is that you can save a lot of your money by choosing to buy from the online bookstores. We want our readers to save a lot of money which can be used to buy additional books



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