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By: Adesina Idris D.

innocent baby

Its innocence
By the turbulence
Around it!
A child’s innocence!

Peaceful is its sleep
Smiles on its lips
Troubles escaping it
Oblivious of the upheavals
Roaming in the adult world!
A child’s innocence!

Soon! Yes, soonest!
Its smiles will give way
To hisses innumerable
Its innocence will vanish
And turbulence in its place!
A child’s innocence!

Its peace will be robbed
Its purity will be raped
Its laughter will be torn
All its cries will go unheeded
By the cruel world of adulthood!
A child’s innocence!

But for now
It is enjoying itself
Tomorrow is not its pain
So let it last
As long as it can!
A child’s innocence!


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