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By: Balu George


Why is it said one must pass through darkness to re-enter the light?
Why is it said re-enter and not enter?
Why did Mr. Kane whisper rosebud on his deathbed?

I like idly and white chutney,
I also like strawberry jam.
On days I wake up early,
I like standing at the balcony, having coffee,
And talking to my mother,
Who is preparing idly and white chutney in the kitchen.

I like kissing my father’s bald head,
I like reading the newspaper.
I like my Sunday afternoon nap.
I also like my friend Farhan.

I like bus rides.
I like a kind smile.
I like rainy days.
I like funny shows on the T.V.
I also like ants.

There are many other things I like,
But they would not fit into this poem.
May there be peace on earth!


Balu George is a chartered accountant practicing in Bangalore. He has attended the Bangalore writer’s workshop. His poems have been previously published in Spark and The literary yard.


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