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By: Duane L. Herrmann

snow falling

Each perfect star –
six points
miniature perfection
uncreateable by hands
multitudinous abundance
and every one unique,
absorbs all sound
as they float down
blanketing the sounds
and ground;
a presence here today
and melt tomorrow.
To stand in snowfall
is to stand in silence,
hushed the world
and be in awe
of this:
winter’s miracle.

(Duane L. Herrmann, lives on the rolling prairie of Kansas.  His work can be found in:American Poets of the 1990′s, BAFA, Blue Pen, Inscape,, Little Balkans Review, Midwest Quarterly, Orison, Phoenix Sound, Planet Kansas, Potpourri, World Order, the Kansas Poets Trail in downtown Wichita, Kansas, the Map of Kansas Literature (website) and more.  Other work has been published in a dozen countries in four languages.)


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