Poem: In the Colored Morning of Light

By: Kousik Adhikari

Coloured morning light

In the colored morning of light
Twenty insects hover
Under the thick edge of green leaves
In a wishful play,
Like your coming after several storms
Like you have to say something just now,
It makes me conscious of me.

After Several Mornings

After several mornings
I am aware of the birds
Who can do without flying,
They are not real amphibians
Like us hovering
Under the dark of the ruined sun,
Slowly, surely and silently
In a secret secret dance.

I Went on

I went on tasting
The sounds of the world
Till you call me
With your presence,
My pregnant fantasies
Striking my womb
Makes me ashamed
Like the blue wind
Glancing around you.

(Kousik Adhikari, research scholar, widely published consisting of critical essays, translation and creative writings. He is interested in linguistics, anthropology, comparative literature, cultural studies etc.

Email: kousikadhikari051@gmail.com)

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