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By: Linda M. Crate  

Departed love

maybe it’s your loss
but it feels like mine
all i know is we are
meant to be together

intuition, i guess;

as the grass knows to grow
and dew knows to fall
birds to sing and children to
behave if they want that toy or
candy bar they’re eying

we fell suddenly like rain,
broke apart two halves of the sun
scorching different horizons

you said that you freed me —

was i ever caged?
i felt no feathers of regret dancing
in the sunlit streams of your
love; we made love in september and
still i think of the way we danced
together, knowing one another inside
and out no words were needed

my hands raked through your hair;

brazen i wrote you a letter telling you of the
ways i thought you were wrong, maybe
that’s why you’re avoiding me now
but it’s my birthday and the only present i want
is your love? is that too much for you to
afford me? if it is i must apologize,

but i won’t apologize for loving you —

you are the spark in me that emits the most
light, how can i shine without you? i can
find happiness without you, but it’s not the joy
that i want to feel — it’s the fleeting happiness
swimming in moments of sunlight that fade
into sunsets and starry nights lonely and cold.


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