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Poem: A letter to my unborn child

By: Adesina Dolapo


Faraway in an unknown
Unknown distant land
Land she sleeps
And wakes all alone
All alone she lives
Lives and waits
Waits for me to come
Waits for me to come
Come take her to be mine.
Every morning
In that faraway
Distant and unknown land
She sings and sweeps
Like the African Woman she is!
...Inside her
Is my child
Yet unborn...
It is to you
My unborn child
That this address is to...

...My child
Whenever, Wherever and Whichever
Way you choose to come
Into this world
May you meet this as a gift
From me to you!!!
...I am your father
Pride you are to me
See you not I may
And see you I may
But let it ring down in you
That a pride to me
You are...

...This world you are
Coming into
Is an ugly beautiful place
A hopefully hopeless city
A beautiful city
With ugly villages
Which houses men
Of different varied intents
And women
Whose animalistic innerlings
Are covered with glowing skins
And ready made garments!!!

...I had done my part
My part to bring you hither
And leave for you
A lot of deeds
Both good and not too good
Also bad and not too bad.
I had done my part
To bring you hither
In the best vessel around!
And grow will you
In this truly wicked world
To be nice and righteous
Till you strive and strive
To make it
Better than you met it...
Just like I
Your father...

...You know me not
My unborn child
But my news you hear
From that which is your carrier
Of the too many bads
That I did
And of too few goods
That by me are done.
Struggle! Struggle!!
My dear Unborn Child
To better my deeds
And better your lots
For the betterment of the world!...
...Though it be cruel to you
Fight to abrogate cruelity
Though it be ugly to you
Struggle to promote beauty
Though it be a hell for you
Endeavour to create a heaven in it.

...For the world
Is always not what
It seem to be
And in it
Nothing remains as it is
For so long a time
Like Mariama Ba's
Long Letter!...
...So my dear child
Learn from my story
Avoid my pitfalls
Use my strengths
Understand my weaknesses
And drink from my wisdom pot
And it shall better you...

You are
My Unborn Child...




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