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By: Elancharan Gunasekaran

Silent stage

Candles lit on waxed parapets
Flame tips align
Piercing the night skies
Holding the heavens in place
The show is about to begin

Sneaking a peak
She rotates gracefully
Facing the spotlight
The moon basks
In glamour & glory
Only briefly,
Before cloudy curtains close in
Waning her arrogance
Frozen in a naughty crescent embrace
For her lovers to see

Stars revealed, lay naked
Spread across the bare open skies
Flashing in glee
Going supernova on a whim
Never to return again
Fading into the black scene
Then again,
Another would appear
Shining brighter than all the others

The night is a stage
A silent theatre
While the world is fast asleep
Celestial bodies come out to play.


[Elancharan is an emerging artist who mixes modern poetry with futuristic digital art. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. His love for poetry started after reading a collection of zombie Haiku at a local bookstore. Elan is the e-book author of Supernatural Haiku and The Refugee. His poetry works have been published on various international print and online platforms. He writes and draws (mostly in black & white) with the hope of resurrecting Singapore’s ‘dead poetry’ society.]


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