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By: Kousik Adhikari

Dear. Charming-Artemis! Urbashi!
I have sprinkled all
These name-traps
To catch your bird like beauty
Galloping from twigs to branches,
Blazing sword glances
Over Adam’s progeny
In what furious dance!
Men curious from birth
Dealing with roses-
But the question remains
Between rose and thorn,
Like a spiritual debate
Over soul and body –
Turning over torn pages,
Stained racks of human history,
Counting, splitting skeletons
In Milton, Shakespeare
Manu or Faucault-
I discovered the thing
Smell and pricks know
Full story of thorn and roses,
But you are above
All these debates, possibilities,
Standing like a semi-skilled sentry
With a rust bayonet, clipped sword
I can salute you and say
‘This is the way Demeter’.


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