Poem: Noise Umbrella

By: Aftab Yusuf Shaikh


I have forgotten my umbrella;
Not that I am irresponsible,
I was going insane
That was possible,

The deafening thump of
The hundreds of rain drops,
The loud crack of clay, and
The timid lightening
That cracks like a smile,

Where is she,
who said the world was me?
where is that liar,
that blaming authority!
In sun and rain, she told me.
Now where is she?

She must be in the arms of
a good man, unlike me,
she must be brewing beer
in his hormonal brewery,

Without an umbrella,
I try to feel it is not raining,
without her, I believe
I am a lesson, not parody.
Without those who are fine without me,
I am at peace with the world,

Raindrop, clay and a heart,
they are not shouting at the moment.

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  1. Aftab bro.. This is what we called an heart touching poem.by a successfully man around all over the world…. It’s nice!!! You are a great person!!!! Rock the world!!! With your magic!! May Allah bless you!!!!!!

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