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By: Aditya R  

Full moon day

On a full moon day,
walking by the roadway.
Silver light hitting everything,
a visual song of night, to sing.

Song triggers, the mixed melancholic notes
Whispers of rustling leaves, caressing bamboo,
A mystical eerie
Enchanting Silver ball trapped in the sky
A pensive of memories
Draws out a sullen tear from the eye

Floating flickering lanterns of fireflies
Adorn the grand old mimosa trees
Encapsulated in a trance
a ritualistic dance in a cold breeze
Breaking mental vial
Free thoughts run amok

Bat screeches, Owl hoots
Stray dogs bark, a haunted concert
waking up the undead, fast gushes of wind
laughing wisps, a sudden chill
Creeping fear, time stands still

Lake, a photographic canvas
Scintillating waters capture the light
Of full moon and stars of the night
Dragging deeper within, in an instance.
A mystical saint on a silent penance


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