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By: Aditya R   


A silent girl never speaks much.
Glittering yet hollow eyes,
Body and face,
a sculptors paradise.

A sudden flinch in the mouth,
A curious contraction of brow
So as sandman i follow,
She finally sits, on an abandoned staircase,
Surrounded by wise old trees.
Alone in the dark,
Fireflies making frequent visits.

I open my bag, sprinkle little sand
She closes her eyes, into new land
As she reveals I drown
into her pool of thoughts

A bird getting ready
to spread her wings
A puppet unknowingly controlled
by invisible strings

Questioning boats arrive, she is forced to ask
how long must she wear this mask?
masks unknowingly which Society made her wear.
Tasks to which they made her swear.
Unconventional, she is much hyped.
Unintentional, she must be stereotyped.

From her birth, she bore this burden
Would it be better, were she a boy?
Would she have fun and a greater joy?
She remembered numerous boys,
trying to hit on her.
Politely she had refused, they failed to concur
Venomous serpents hissed, they called her a slut.
Being a boy,not a good solution.
Better is millions of years old evolution.

There were those who were her friends.
For her they would readily bend.
They did not understand her,
From darkness they guided her to light,
Filled with over-concern it was very bright
that it made her blind.

Agony stirred my bleeding heart
Would every girl endure this?
I was aghast!
On outside she was a simple beauty
But inside a chaotic mystery.

Engulfed by pain all alone,
a Whirring sound wakes her,
its her phone!
She opens her eyes,
Flickering fireflies bring smile
to her sensuous lips

On the glowing screen is a remainder,
Her friend’s birthday.
In a hurry she climbs down the stairs
forgetting her dreams and nightmares
When I read her thoughts
She is fully awake
Only one thing in her mind
“Have they brought the Birthday Cake?”



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