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By: Linda M. Crate

White raven

the white raven
knows darkness
it kissed her in the
form of a silver serpent
pretending to be a wolf
loyal and true; his
intentions a little more sinister
than she cares to remember
untrue and false
he cheated on her, stole the
petals of her virginity,
told her lies
eschewed words that pretended
caring and Christianity,
but they both knew he was false and
insincere –
one day all this darkness burrowing
into her feathers, greying her
heart will dissipate into the wind
for now however
the ghostly hymns of their past love,
and decayed friendship
she tears angrily out of her mind
for he wrote a nasty letter
rubbing her face in her
misery and his happiness with another
one day God will burn him in his
arrogance, but today she
lilts a song of forgetfulness quiet and sweet
to taste autumn’s apples
before they rip her apart into tears
of the same leaves that danced her comfort
when laying in his arms.


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