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By: Monika Nair


At two distant placesthere’s a transparent me and a translucent you.
As we walk together, our shadows follow us.
I watch them play little gameswatch them merge and then, diverge.

I flap my fevered eyelids and gape at your opaque shadow.
And then, at your translucence.
And the light glimmering on the other side o’you.

it must be love”, i think in my immaculately dense dream.
And that might be truebecause of the way it makes me feel.

Despite a tempting tendency to wake up,
And merge it with our parallel lives and its encompassing opaqueness,
I just want to lie here and walk…
Walk, on some random street with our shadows fusing into each other,
Because amidst all this chaos,
The only thing that feels real is this.



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