Poem: let me bee

By: Linda M. Crate

Flying bee

oh, let me bee,
i would like to roam free
through the skies
flowers with the butterflies –
you are sweet
with your hair of goldenrod
and eyes so blue,
but i‘m sorry i tire of you;
there’s no leash
meant to tether me
please, let me be free once more
to fly through castles of
lilies, roses, and lilacs
to buzz by the thorns of raspberries
and to help blackberries grow –
i cannot be content
not even being a faerie’s pet
because i am not meant to be restrained
i am a bee so let me roam free
fly on my transparent wings
make friends with daffodils and rosy
hills once again.



* In response to Amy Brown’s “Bee Girl” – 2013.

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