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By: – Linda M. Crate


always some errand to do
something left forgotten
spilling into the happiness of
autumn, interrupting the
peace; wish i had a broom like you
could just zoom off and fly to
mend any error with a flick of a wand
or finger;
alas, i am but a normal human
without brooms to aid me
the leaves blow in my hair may give
me an appearance of a fae,
sometimes, but i assure you if i had wings –
oh, the places i would have flown
how many things are you able to achieve
that others cannot i wonder?
i envy your ability to use a broom for
something other than cleaning,
i‘d ache to do the same;
then again maybe it’s lucky for all those who
have wronged me i don’t have that ability
there would a lot of toads looking
for kisses that may never come –
midnight spills into the atmosphere, and there’s
still something i must do before i go to sleep
always so many miles in a day;
good thing we fall backward
because if we sprung ahead this autumn
my head might just explode.

* In response to Tiffany Toland’s “Midnight Errands” – 2012


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