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By: Ishita Bhaduri
Translated by: Soma Roy

Blue Sky

You posted rains on the Facebook…..
Two lacs fifty thousand likes……
Still the rains did not come.
Instead some dark clouds
Ashened the whole sky
With a fistful of soft breeze.

Not by Facebook or Tweeter
Send me rains in an envelope
Accompanied by Nor’westers too
Seal the lips of the envelope
___________securely with glue
So that no cloud chips fall off
___________midway elsewhere.
With the rains send me also smell of damp earth.
I will mail you a cornice-full of sunshine
And send you through the Internet a whole blue sky.


Ishita Bhaduri (b.1961) an architect by profession, writes poems, short stories and travelogues in Bangla; has 26 published books including one e-book, three of which have been published from Bangladesh; awarded the Paschimbanga Bangla Academy Award , Gouranga Bhowmik Memorial Award, Bishnu Dey Award etc ; attended poetry readings at many places in India, Bangladesh etc and also solo poetry readings at Beijing arranged by Indian Embassy. Her poems have been translated to English and Hindi. E-mail:

Soma Roy (b.1959) translates from English to Bangla and vice versa and also from German. Some of her translations have appeared in magazines and e-zines like Indian Literature(Sahitya Akademi), Wild Violet, Choreo Mag Durbasha, Pyrta etc. Two books of poems translated by her, Marigold Moments and Rabindranath need special mention.


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