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Poem: The mortal who loved a goddess

By: Vaisakh E. Hari

in the clouds

Have you ever a call,
faint yet insistent,
others may call a demons lure,
complex and intrinsic in its sweetness,
That I could see a benign angel singing.
so clear, so strong was the melody,
Paradise was now visible in the distance,
A clear oasis in a parched desert.
she sang into the woods,
every note imparting life, beauty and power.
I was pulled along,
helpless as a dry leaf in the wind,
heeding not the audible warnings from fellow men.
Time started deceiving me in the woods,
Running and hiding,
Calling and laughing,
soon its footprints submerged in the sand.
I walked long,
every glimpse of her in the distance,
a catalyst to my fading heart.
A clearing we reached,
as she looked back and smiled,
I became a king,
victorious and strong,
There stood my queen,
smiling in pride.
Thus I rode my horse through
ranks of kneeling men,
I ruled this world,
now i wanted the next.
I reached my hand out and she was gone,
a silvery haze and nothing more.
My brain was empty,
my heart was dead,
I needed her now,
to move on again.
Limbs aching, spirits failing,
I followed the haze,
often on my knees,
tears staining the ground.
At long last she turned and called,
I stumbled blind, mindless in love.
The end was near,
just visible in the distance,
crowned king once more.
And then i fell,
crushing hug of darkness,
an abyss with no end.
But an eternity i could pass,
Eyes still yearning for one more sight,
For i was a mortal,
who loved the goddess.


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